Please provide the URL

Hi there,

If you are asking for help, please provide a URL of a page where the problem can be seen so we can help you. This is often needed so we can inspect the webpage and advise you on the necessary CSS code to fix the issue. Sometimes, looking at the browser console for JavaScript errors could help us point you in the right direction.

It would also help us help you if you can provide as much of the following info as possible:

  • What’s the view? i.e., where does your problem/question apply? Is it regarding the site’s homepage, a different Page, or perhaps all Pages? Examples of other views include all single posts, blog posts index, all archive pages, search results pages, category archives, a specific custom taxonomy’s term page.
  • What steps have you taken to fix the problem?

If you can also record a screencast walking us through what you are trying to do, that’d help in some situations. Vimeo provides a free screen recorder.

You may want to turn off any minification/caching/optimization plugins that are active during this troubleshooting phase.

Thank you.